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Akaal Daytime Formula - 4000mg CBD / 2500mg CBG (30mL)

Akaal Daytime Formula - 4000mg CBD / 2500mg CBG (30mL)

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Organic MCT Oil, 4000mg CBD, 1500mg 4,500mg total! 

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Customer Reviews

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Anxiety WHO?!?

My Neurotransmitter genes are mutated which makes me susceptible to major anxiety. My anxiety can be so bad at times that I am nauseous, cant eat, cant sleep, and can barely focus to accomplish normal daily tasks. When I feel it creeping in on me I immediately take a dropper full of alchemy. Usually I will need to do 2 dropper fulls a day for a couple days and it seems to reset me. Sometimes I can go as long as a year without needing any. I also use it when I fly! Biodynamic Ben puts his heart and soul in every bottle and I truly believe it has everything to do with the healing power this medicine has. So much love for Alchemy!

Jennie Nemeth
Baba’s Balm is Amazing!

I have struggled with the bottom of my feet for many years – they were a mess! I did all the routines of western health care with no improvement. I basically gave up. No sandals for me.

My nephew Ben came to visit this past winter. He gave me a small jar of his Baba Balm to see if it would help my feet. They were getting better so Ben generously created a special formula just for me. I have been using it for about 3 months and can say what a HUGE difference the Balm has made! I am so eternally grateful and proud of Ben. He has a wealth of knowledge of natural and organic products and how they affect your organs, especially the most important organ of all – your skin. He is generous and interested in helping people so if you are experiencing any kind of skin problems or any other aliment, I highly recommend you reach out to Ben.
Congratulations Ben! Keep up the hard work for all of us!!
Aunt Jennie
P.S. Love the new website…

Stress & Anxiety

I’ve used this formula at times when I’m feeling overly anxious, overwhelmed and/or stressed. I felt the results almost immediately. I feel calm & the endless overthinking comes to a halt!

Daytime formula is the best I’ve used

The only CBD / CBG product I’ve ever felt! Life changing anxiety relief .